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About Us


What does our name mean?Company

It is a Korean word meaning "born in the spring." This is a wonderful time of the year when life wakes up after hibernation and all living things get ready to bloom.We are for a conscious choice. Only working, effective products approved by our Korean experts are presented in the online boutique.Product quality is the guiding principle of our store.

Nabom is a transformation, the emergence of a butterfly from its cocoon. The metamorphosis of transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly is simply mesmerizing. Our goal is to help a beautiful butterfly spread its wings with ease and confidence in its natural beauty!

Nabom® Loves your Skin

Nabom® is committed to the concept of love and self-acceptance. In our opinion, beauty is lightness, naturalness, naturalness and environmental friendliness. Our experts have selected products for every skin type, covering a wide range of tasks facing skincare. Each product has its own role and task. A complex of correctly selected products and the rules for the sequence of their use - this is a multi-stage Korean care system. From the cleansing stage to the last step of the basic stage, cream or serum, you can give your skin new and pleasant cleansing. In our online boutique we offer you to use the best compatible sets of Korean cosmetics, which we call “Beauty Formulas”. Yes, Yes! Precisely the formulas. Before using, be sure to study the video instructions for using the formulas. You can find them on our website or on our social networks. Better to see once than hear a hundred times! May your skin be happy!

Nabom Team®

Nabom® Expert


Hello, Russia! My name is Yerim. I was born in Seoul, South Korea. Now I live with my family in Wisconsin, USA. I like trying out different fashion styles, biking and I’ve recently gotten into weight training. I choose beauty products based on time and cost efficiency. My skin type is dry, so it’s easy to get wrinkles and freckles:)

I love my nighttime skin care routine because it’s a moment to focus on myself and recharge for the next day. I hope Nabom® can help you take time for yourself at the end of your day, as well.

Nabom® Expert


Hello, Russia. I am Jenny, living in Jinju, in the southern part of South Korea. I like to travel, be in nature and go golfing with my family. I also recently started Pilates. My skin type is dry and I have darker skin than most Koreans since I love to get tanned. So, my usual choice of beauty products is for hydration and whitening. Trying on different kind of mask sheets in the morning is always fun for me. They make such a difference and make my skin glow all day.

I hope you can find the right product to fit your skin type and go about your day with more confidence!

Nabom® Expert


Hello, Russia. I am Jisun, living in Seoul. I like to read and get fresh flowers to change the mood of the day. I have been practicing Pilates for five years and it is one of my favorite things to do. I have very sensitive skin, so it has been always challenging to find products that suit me. Brand names weren’t the issue; they had to be made of the right ingredients, the right way.

I choose products that help with hydration and calming of skin and I try to simplify my skin routine. My favorite part of my skincare routine is that first basic part: cleansing and putting on skin toner. If you have sensitive skin like me, please try what I choose for my skin. You will notice the difference the next day!