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Топ! 1025 Dokdo Pad Calming Toner Pads, 70 pcs.
1025 Dokdo Pad Calming Toner Pads, 70 pcs.

They help to remove the remnants of impurities, dead cells and sebum residues, restore the optimal acid-base balance and prepare the skin for the application of care

ROUND LAB 70 pcs
2 190 ₽
Топ! 1025 Dokdo Lotion Seawater Moisturizing Lotion, 200 ml
1025 Dokdo Lotion Seawater Moisturizing Lotion, 200 ml

The emulsion in the shortest possible time helps to cope with dryness and flaking, restores the optimal level of moisture in the cells of the epidermis and soothes.

ROUND LAB 200 ml
2 090 ₽
ТОП! Moisturizing serum with birch sap Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Serum, 50 ml
Moisturizing serum with birch sap Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Serum, 50 ml

The serum soothes irritations and redness, saturates the epidermis with moisture and helps to retain it inside the cells.

2 090 ₽
Топ! 365 Derma Relief Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++
365 Derma Relief Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++

Broad spectrum sunscreen based on safe physical filters.

1 890 ₽

ROUND LAB is the best in Korea

ROUND LAB uses fresh and high quality raw materials from the heart of the Earth itself to produce quality skin care products. Through different skin care lines, ROUND LAB tells the stories of people and the history of Korea, imbued with the spirit of discovery and natural purity!

DOKDO LINEis the very first and most popular face care line

The first product in the Dokdo line, 1025 Dokdo Toner, is rich in minerals from the deep ocean of Ulleungdo (the area that owns Dokdo Island). The deepest part can reach 1500 meters. The sea water here is very clean and rich in natural minerals. In addition, the raw materials used in this series of products are EWG certified as environmentally friendly and safe raw materials. (EWG is a non-profit organization that evaluates the safety of cosmetic raw materials and insists on providing accurate information to consumers.)

Dokdo Line – the most popular ROUND LAB series, a full set of six products entered the market in 2018. The line ranked first on the Lalavla (Watson) sales list in 2018 in South Korea. What's more, in South Korea's most popular professional beauty ranking app, "Hwahae", the annual list of the best beauty products, it has also ranked first for three consecutive years.

365 LINE – skin care 365 days a year

The product line currently includes two sunscreens, TONE-Up and DERMA RELIEF, which are also made from EWG-certified sustainable materials.

DERMA RELIEF is kind of "non-nano" sunscreen based on safe physical filters, based on specially selected ingredients that have a soothing effect on the skin. The product contains ceramides, which help to effectively retain moisture in the skin. The addition of various soothing ingredients such as panthenol, hauttuynia cordate extract and centella asiatica extract makes this product suitable for sensitive skin and provides a mild and effective sunscreen.


It is common knowledge that many cosmetic brands source high quality raw materials from all over the world. However, ROUND LAB wants to produce better and more efficient products using unique raw materials grown in various parts of South Korea. These series of products mainly use birch sap, soybean and wormwood extracts. These are three high-quality materials for the production of skin care products, which have tremendous cosmetic benefits, such as anti-aging, soothing, moisturizing effects.

For ROUND LAB, the creation of these lines is a means of communication with consumers, as well as the basis for the long life of the brand. This is the original reason why the founders began to develop a series of ROUND LAB projects.  The Birch Juice line is a completely high-quality Korean product! Experience the real Korea!

Fixed assets of the ROUND LAB brand in the Nabom online boutique

We have the most effective ROUND LAB brand products of the 1025 DOKDO, Line 365 (sunscreens) and Birch Juice lines. The presented products will fully satisfy the need for basic (multi-stage Korean “skin care” system) care for any skin type.

The quality of the compositions, the authenticity of the products

Nabom Online Boutique works directly with the ROUND LAB brand in Korea. Direct shipments guarantee the authenticity, freshness of cosmetics and the correct transportation and storage conditions. Quality assurance are:

• Quality certification for each product. All laboratory tests are carried out in an accredited laboratory in Russia in accordance with current requirements in the field of cosmetology