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JMELLA 50 ml

Intensively nourishes, smoothes, slows down skin aging and reduces the visibility of pigmentation.

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Moisture; nutrition softening.

Jmella In France Perfume Hand Cream intensively nourishes, smoothes, slows down skin aging and reduces the visibility of pigmentation, gently brightening and evening out tone. The soft creamy texture melts on the skin, revealing a luxurious aroma, while not leaving a sticky film and is perfectly absorbed. The hypoallergenic formula is suitable even for sensitive skin: the product does not contain parabens, surfactants and benzophenone.

30 botanical ingredients of natural origin protect against external stimuli such as cold, wind and temperature changes, as well as reduce sensitivity. The composition is enriched with a patented active, extracted from the desert rose (Adenium Obesum), which eliminates dryness, increases moisture levels and softens the skin.

The main active ingredient of the cream is shea butter (20,000 ppm). Shea butter intensively nourishes, softens rough and dry skin, provides long-lasting and deep hydration, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The brand name Jmella is made up of two English words: join (meaning “to join, enjoy something together”) and smell (“aroma”) , which symbolizes smells that remind of magical moments, fragrances that unite. Join + smell = Jmella.

Why Jmella: Premium fragrances from the French laboratory Argeville, a 100 year old perfumer.

10 luxury signature fragrances from around the world.

< b>All products are hypoallergenic.

Let the magic moments of your life remain in your memory forever! Jmella are exquisite fragrances created by French perfumers over the centuries.

Apply a little cream to clean hands, massage evenly distributing the composition until it is absorbed.

Skin type All skin types

Country of origin Korea

Result / Action Moisturizes, smoothes, nourishes

Application frequency For daily care

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