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Skin hydration balance

Сeramide treatment CERAPYTOSIN

MY SKIN SOULOGY is a skin care brand that restores and nourishes it to the maximum. Healthy beauty based on a spirit of research and rigorous selection and testing of ingredients to solve the problems of sensitive skin prone to irritation.

Harmonious powerful care

Premium quality that your skin will appreciate Skin care

NFC initially specialized in the production of ceramides, a popular and effective cosmetic component. The company supplied its ceramides to major well-known cosmetic brands around the world, including America and Europe. NFC has extensive experience in developing cosmetic formulas and ingredients. With years of experience in developing cosmetic products, NFC launches a skin resurfacing cosmetics brand with a patented formula, CERAPYome MY SKIN SOLUS. Our customers appreciated the quality of the products of the young Korean brand. Now, we present to your attention an updated version of the MY SKIN SOLUS brand from the NFC company - MY SKIN SOULOGY. The technologies accumulated by the company over the past 30 years have helped create facial care cosmetics with two patented formulas of components: the Cerapytosin complex, which includes as many as 5 types of ceramides and the Phytobiom plant complex + powerful ingredients in each product, ensure restoration of the skin barrier, promote balance of the skin microbiome, slow down and smooth out age-related changes. MY SKIN SOULOGY cosmetics are sold in Korea, the United States of America, the UAE, China, and Europe.  

One of the main advantages of the My Skin Soulogy brand (NFC Corporation, more than 20 years in the cosmetics market) is that the manufacturer has its own laboratories to create unique working formulas, as well as its own production sites in South Korea, which guarantees high quality of the finished product. Most brands do not have such capabilities and order cosmetics or their components externally (including China). 

The creation of CERAPYTOSIN ceramide is based on the science of microbiome, designed to provide fundamental improvement in skin condition. Ceramides fill it with energy and restore moisture balance. My Skin Solus cosmetics help the skin reveal its natural beauty and help it gain a natural glow. The formulas of MY SKIN SOULOGY cosmetic products are made only from high-quality ingredients that are designed to solve the problems facing sensitive skin care.

My Skin Soulogy is a combination of innovative technologies from Korea in the development of cosmetics + high-quality active ingredients for gentle and effective care for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

MY SKIN SOULOGY is a care based on powerful components, without harm to the most sensitive skin, experience proven over the years and scientific research!

Care for the face and area around the eyes
Restoring stick balm from the brand MY SKIN SOULOGYCare

Melting texture with a formula of powerful ingredients to care for the skin microbiome. All components are EWG certified.

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Double ampoule booster
Anti-aging serum booster from the brand MY SKIN SOULOGYCare

Rejuvenating serum with effective ingredients for moisturizing, restoring, and brightening the skin. Rich care formula for the most demanding skin. All components are EWG certified.

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Deep peeling and cleansing for the most sensitive skin

Peeling pads preserve the barrier functions of the skin. LHA BHA PHA acids provide gentle, non-irritating exfoliation. Patented Cerapytosin Complex and Phytobiom Botanical Complex provide complete skin barrier protection and help restore microbiome balance. All components are EWG certified.

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Powerful moisturizing essence toner
Anti-aging toner with liquid essence texture MY SKIN SOULOGYCare

Highly enriched and intensively caring toner improves the skin barrier effect. Aquatic essence moisturizes and soothes the skin. Gentle LHA and PHA acids provide gentle, non-irritating daily exfoliation. All components are EWG certified.

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НОВИНКА! Anti-aging restoration booster serum - CERAPYTOSIN MOIST BOOSTER AMPOULE, 50 ml
Anti-aging restoration booster serum - CERAPYTOSIN MOIST BOOSTER AMPOULE, 50 ml

3 590 ₽ 5 480 ₽
НОВИНКА! Barrier anti-aging cream for the face and around the eyes - CERAPYTOSIN MOIST SKIN BARRIER CREAM, 100 ml
НОВИНКА! Moisturizing anti-aging soothing toner PHA LHA - CERAPYTOSIN MOIST IN TREATMENT, 500 ml
НОВИНКА! Peeling pads for facial cleansing caring LHA BHA AHA - CERAPYTOSIN MOIST BUBBLE CLEANSING PAD, 10 pcs